Mar 222010

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Turner the One Clear Choice in Field of Over 200 Candidates

Chicago (March 22, 2010) – The Coalition of African American Leaders (COAL), an alliance of 13 African American social organizations with a combined membership exceeding 2,000 individuals, has petitioned the Democratic Party of Illinois State Central Committee to select Representative Art Turner as the nominee for lieutenant governor.

“The Democratic Party of Illinois State Central Committee is now engaged in a series of forums across the state to choose a candidate who will fill the vacancy on the Democratic Party ticket,” said Randall Caldwell, Chairman of COAL. “It is important that they hear the opinion of 2,000 African Americans from Illinois who have achieved the highest levels in the fields of business, industry, education, government and community service.”

The new state central committee will have a weighted vote in selecting the nominee that is equal to the number of Democratic ballots cast in their congressional district in the February 2010 primary election.

“The members of the Democratic State Central Committee are the ones with the vote and should afford Rep. Turner an opportunity to help lead the State of Illinois out of its fiscal crisis,” said Craig Wimberly, Chair Public Policy Committee. “His experience working with five governors and serving as part of leadership in the State House for the last 19 years are all qualities that the Governor of Illinois will need in order to govern this state effectively.”

COAL was formed to identify, examine and address issues and concerns that impact the African American community. Its member organizations are committed to assuring fairness and justice throughout the region within all systems (education, housing, transportation, employment, health care and politics).

“COAL supports the process that will elect Rep. Turner as the nominee for Lieutenant Governor,” Caldwell said. “He is the most qualified, most experienced and most respected candidate who has demonstrated that he will represent Illinois no matter race, religion or geographic location.”

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