Dec 082012

Please see the following important “Call to Action”:

Senator Hunter worked diligently and got SB2491 passed in the State Senate, however, SB2491 has gotten stalled in the State House (referred to the Rules Committee). If this bill is not passed by January 8th, 2013, both Senator Hunter and Rep Ford will have to start the exhaustive process all over again.

COAL is asking that each of you, as well as your friends, and organizations that you are a member of, contact Governor Quinn (217-782-0244) or Speaker Mike Madigan ((217) 782-5350) or Rules Committee Chair Barbara Flynn Currie ((217) 782-8121) or your own State Rep, telling them that you support SB2491 and its focus on helping our black contractors and insisting that the State House call SB2491 out of committee and put it up for a vote! And that this must be done by the January 8th deadline.

Also, please peruse other articles on job and business-related opportunities and events.

We ask that you forward this COAL call to action on to others who may be interested in supporting this effort.

COAL Board of Directors

Please click here for a copy of the latest communication from COAL.


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