Sep 282012

SEPTEMBER 2012 v2.0Chicago businessman and civic leader Ed Gardner has taken a giant step in stopping worksites where the representation from the African-American community is minimal, if existent at all.  
He has called on all of us to stand with him and for the thousands of African Americans who need work and whose lives would improve considerably if employment were available to them.  Gardner’s actions are to be applauded and we should, as the member club organizations of C.O.A.L., stand with him.  Not just on 95th Street but at worksites throughout the city of Chicago.  
The time is now to make the movement needed to offer opportunity, inclusion and justice come alive.  
Let’s join Ed in this effort and pledge our commitment in the other struggles that will be required of us as we continue our move toward full equality and justice.Sincerely,
COAL Board of Directors

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  2 Responses to “Coalition NEWS – Call to Action! Ed Gardner, Walking the Talk”

  1. Iv’e been in the carpenters union since 2004 and I haven’t had a union job in years since the housing bubble burst! What little construction jobs there are out there, they are not giving them to black people even though Iv’e paid my union dues all these years! What can you do for me?

    • Mr. McGee, I appreciate the comments. For your specific situation, what has been the response from your union? What do you think the issues are?

      As we try to gather information in order to address the problems, having specific examples and information from individuals being directly impacted is critical.

      We will be meeting with a group of Union BA’s this week, so it would be good to have your input.

      Craig Wimberly
      COAL – Public Policy

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