Nov 032012

November 2012 Coalition Power Breakfast –  Dr. Carol Adams, President and CEO, Du Sable Museum of African American History 

For COAL’s November Breakfast, our focus turned to supporting the cultural institutions within our Community. We were honored to host Dr. Carol Adams, President and CEO of  The DuSable Museum of African American History, as our guest speaker.

As COAL and our greater network continues to focus on areas such as jobs and economic development, education and training, health and wellness, public safety and justice, and other areas critical to the well being of our community, we reminded attendees not to under estimate the importance of recognizing, honoring and supporting our culture and the cultural institutions within our community.  It is important that we teach our next generations, as well as ourselves, pride in who we are as black people.

COAL believes that an appreciation for who we are, in all of our community’s inherent diversity, is a foundational pillar to fighting the good fight, to fighting the smart fight, and to sustaining our wins, as we achieve them.

Meeting recap pending…

A few pictures from the Breakfast:

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