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State Elected and IDOT 2December 2012 Coalition Power Breakfast –  Honorable Mattie Hunter, State Sen. 3rd District; Honorable La Shawn K. Ford, State Rep. 8th District; Unter, President and CEO, Du Sable Museum of African American History

This Saturday our focus turned again to  Jobs and Economic Development. We were honored to host both State Senator Mattie Hunter and State Representative La Shawn K. Ford, as our guest speakers.
As COAL continues to focus on illuminating issues and educating our community to foster a more informed discussion, we strive to also bring actionable information to our larger community-of-interest. To that end, these two progressive legislators provided information regarding legislation they are sponsoring, as well as legislation that  they have been instrumental in passing, that supports increased employment and business opportunities for our community.Central Information / Action coming out of the December Breakfast:


At COAL’s December Power Breakfast, guest speakers Senator Hunter and Rep. Ford discussed Senate Bill 2491, which supports disadvantaged businesses doing business with the Illinois Department of Transportation.

So many of our minority contractors are not able to obtain a loan to finance their contract, and consequently, have serious cash flow problems. The result: fewer and fewer businesses within our community are taking advantage of current business opportunities with IDOT. More importantly, there are a large number of planned and projected IDOT projects totaling several hundred million dollars of potential revenues for our community businesses.

SB2491 will begin to address this cash flow issue. If minority contractors can obtain financing, they can obtain contracts and, in turn, hire more people of color.

Call to Action:

Senator Hunter worked diligently and got SB2491 passed in the State Senate, however, SB2491 has gotten stalled in the State House (referred to the Rules Committee). If this bill is not passed by January 8th, 2013, both Senator Hunter and Rep Ford will have to start the exhaustive process all over again.

COAL is asking that each of you, as well as your friends, and organizations that you are a member of, contact Governor Quinn (217-782-0244) or Speaker Mike Madigan ((217) 782-5350) or Rules Committee Chair Barbara Flynn Currie ((217) 782-8121) or your own State Rep, telling them that you support SB2491 and its focus on helping our black contractors and insisting that the State House call SB2491 out of committee and put it up for a vote! And that this must be done by the January 8th deadline.

A few pictures from the Breakfast:

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