May 142012

For Immediate Release

Coal Petitions Governor Quinn and State Lawmakers to Keep Illinois Child Care Services Open

CHICAGO (May 14, 2012) – A  number of child care programs may have to close down if the State of Illinois does not reconsider its decision to delay payments for child care services.  The Coalition of African American Leaders (COAL) issues this call to action to city and county policymakers, faith leaders, corporate, civic and community leaders to unite in petitioning the Governor and the General Assembly to assure this critical support for children and families remains intact.

“These stalled payments will result in cuts in important services in minority communities where the services are heavily utilized while further destabilizing already vulnerable families and communities,” said Clarence Wood, COAL President. “Additionally, these delays will negatively impact the community organizations that provide these services and will force them to rearrange budgetary priorities to cover the costs of these programs.  Some will be able to do this – others will not and will have to close programs.”

Wood goes on to say that these vulnerable communities cannot continue to bear these cuts and COAL calls for Governor Quinn and the General Assembly to go back to the drawing board and create a new funding strategy that will not result in delayed payments for child care or the other critical services to these communities if they are to be safe, healthy and economically able to provide jobs so that families can thrive and not be compromised.

Child care programs allow families to make it through challenging times because they support adults who are working or going to school.  Without this essential support, their ability to provide for their families will be threatened.

The Coalition of African American Leaders (C.O.A.L.) believes that it is important to examine the critical issues confronting the African American community where injustice, inequality and the absence of access and opportunity continue to prevail, thereby negatively impacting us as a people.  C.O.A.L. is an assemblage that advocates and organizes for appropriate and responsible public policy change, system behavior change and equality of opportunity.  We aim to achieve for all of our people the fullness of the life experience without any form of racism or exclusion as a deterrent.  We believe we must prepare ourselves for the opportunity of this full participation, thereby achieving the necessary education and training to participate.

Contact: Clarence N. Wood, President
Coalition of African American Leaders (C.O.A.L.)
(312) 404-8269
[email protected]

Craig K. Wimberly, Chair
COAL – Public Policy
(773) 350-9315
[email protected]

Click here for COAL Press Release – Cuts in Child Care Services.

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