Jan 262012

Hello Friends,

Happy New Year.

I am excited to share the news that the Obama Campaign is hiring in great number.

They are very interested in getting qualified people of color in various positions.

Here’s a link to all of the positions and descriptions currently available:

Folks should feel free to apply through this link, but should also e-mail their resumes
to [email protected] and cc: NicoProbst (nprobst@barackobama.com).
We want to make sure there’s a strong African American presence in the field in 2012.

Please distribute the links to your constituency far and wide.

Mrs. Kimberly Marcus
National African American Outreach Director
Democratic National Committee (DNC)
430 S. Capitol St., SE
Washington, DC 20003
(202) 488-5062 ph
Twitter: @KimMarcusDNC 

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