Apr 122013
COAL Community-of-Interest: In August 2012, COAL invited Transit Board President Terry Peterson to speak at  the September COAL Breakfast to:
provide information on the CTA Red Line Project (which entails shutting down 
the Redline from 22nd St. to 95th St. in order to completely renovate the rail lines and 
all stations);  its impact on ridership  (for our Community, the Red Line represents
a major means of transit to and from places of employment) and steps to minimize
adverse impact, CTA’s progress towards jobs for minorities, and progress
towards contracting opportunities for minority and small businesses. 

at that Breakfast, COAL asked to have the CTA report back at a future date on their progress in meeting project minority (DBE) goals.
By October of 2012, Chicago businessman and civic leader Ed Gardner, spurred on by others from the community, had turned a spotlight on the Chicagoland construction industry, where employment and business opportunities for the African American community have been abysmal for decades. That spotlight still shines brightly.This coming Saturday, April 13, 2013 at 2:30pm, at Quinn Chapel (2401 S. Wabash), the CTA will honor its commitment to reporting back to our Community on its progress towards meeting CTA Red Line Project minority goals.If you are interested, please join us at this Community Forum and hear directly from the CTA and its business partner(s) on how well they are doing on minority goals and about a project that will have a significant impact on the every day life of our Community.

Click here for a copy of the latest communication from COAL.
CTA Redline Community Forum









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