Jun 122013
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As you know, COAL opposed SB1739, the ‘Illinois Gaming Bill’, for a number of reasons, some blatantly obvious and others more subtle. (See the COAL Press Statement opposing the Bill here, see the Tribune article detailing how SB1739 died here.)


With the work of COAL and a number of other organizations focused on defeating this Bill, the House did not move forward on SB1739. This is a win, however, the Bill’s House sponsor, Bob Rita, promised to hold hearings and try to bring it back up this fall.  We know that SB1739 will be revived in the fall session.

It will be important to have your voice and overwhelming input from the community via testimonials of why this is a bad bill for our communities.

COAL will call for a meeting with Representative Bob Rita and has already contacted Representative Ken Dunkin, head of the Combined Black Caucus, to share our perspective on the Bill’s impact on our Community and what changes must be in a revived Bill.

This is the time to contact your State Representative to let them know what you think and to make it known that you will be watching their future vote on SB1739 and indeed watching their votes on all legislation. We must hold our legislators accountable to us, the voters that put them in Office to represent our interests. Find your state legislator here.

All of that being said, we won this battle….

Thanks for your help!

COAL Board of Directors

We encourage comments from the Community on the COAL website.

COAL News June Issue 2 v2

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