Jan 162013

New Mount Crowd

A  coalition of organizations (social, civic, community-focused, business-focused), the Movement for Justice and Jobs Now!, held a Community Meeting on January 12, 2013, in support of increased jobs for our community and increased business/contracts for our black contractors, on construction and transportation projects.

The goal of the West Side Community  meeting was to let the community know that we are still focused on this issue;

To demand change;
To keep the pressure on;
To continue to support the movement started by Ed Gardner which has grown into
the Movement for Justice and Jobs Now!;
To demonstrate that jobs and economic development are a top priority
 for our community and one that we will continue to pursue until we see
substantive and quantifiable results;
To underscore our commitment to holding
our elected officials and others accountable to our community;
To highlight our commitment to holding
ourselves accountable to do whatever it takes to save our community
and to improve the quality of life for every individual and every family
within our community.

Additionally, we gathered information from individuals looking for employment and from contractors ready to be put to work.

Attendees heard form a diverse group of guest speakers representing various organizations from across our community:

Clarence WoodCOAL, Master of Ceremony
Craig WimberlyCOAL, MC Assistance
Deacon Charles RossNew Mount Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church, Innvocation
Ed GardnerBusiness / Community Leader and Catalyst for the movement
Syron SmithNational Block Club University
Bob Israel Save Our Community Taskforce
Kim Dulaney-Harris Lecturer, Chicago State University
Kelly HarrisProfessor, Chicago State University
Victor HendersonHenderson Adams LLC.
Dr. Levern MurphyThe Busyman Initiative
Hon. Jason ErvinAlderman 28th Ward
Tamiko HoltOkimat Construction
Rev. Dr. Marshall Elijah HatchNew Mount Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church, Benediction


A few pictures from the Community Meeting:

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