Mar 172013

Crowd 3-2-13March 2013 Coalition Power Breakfast –  Danny K. Davis, U.S. Congressman – 7th District and Statesman

The focus for this monthly breakfast was framed in this manner:

Please join the COAL membership at our next Coalition Power Breakfast on Saturday, March 2, 2013 from 8:30am – 11:00am. Throughout 2013, we are presenting a series covering areas of critical concern for our community.This Saturday we will hear from one of our most respected elected officials and elder statesman, the Honorable Danny Davis, U.S. Congressman for the 7th District.

As COAL continues to focus on illuminating issues and educating our community to foster a more informed discussion, we strive to also bring actionable information to our larger community-of-interest. Let us collectively take advantage of this discussion with Congressman Davis, to better understand what steps we can take to hold our elected officials more accountable and to increase the political empowerment of our community in order to affect positive, substantive and significant change.

Additional recap pending.

A few pictures from the Breakfast:

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