Apr 202013

Healthcare Panel Lineup

April 2013 Coalition Power Breakfast –

Dr. Damon Arnold, Director, Public Health Graduate Programs, Chicago State University, Adjunct Professor, University of Illinois College of Medicine and School of Public Health; Dr. Ayanna Gardner, CEO – Jazzy Apothecary and Herbals; Dr. Terry Mason, Chief Medical Officer – Cook County Health and Hospitals System; Dr. Everett White, MD and Honorable Mattie Hunter, State Senator – 3rd District.

For the April Coalition Breakfast we continued our series covering areas of critical concern for our community. April is National Minority Health Month, with the 2013 theme: Advance Health Equity Now: Uniting Our Communities to Bring Health Care Coverage to AllThis  is a call to action, a charge for all of us to unite towards a common goal of improving the health of our communities and increasing access to quality, affordable health care for everyone.COAL’s Health and Wellness Committee, co-chaired by Robert Beck and Dr. Everett White, presented a panel of health experts to discuss various aspects of the state of health within our Community. Our expert panel discussed health disparities, hypertension and diabetes, mental health, access to healthcare, the benefits of the Affordable Care Act and demonstrated passion in their desire to see our community improve its overall health. Dr. Gardner began her portion of the presentation with prayer, promoting her view that spiritual health is one with physical and mental health.

Dr. Mason shared a new CPR method that is being promoted by the American Heart Association (AHA) which is an improvement over the traditional mouth-to-mouth method. Why is this important to our community? If an individual passes out and requires immediate CPR, statistics show that a person in our community is 50% less likely to receive CPR thus putting those in our community at higher risk. This new method is a better and easier to learn alternative to traditional CPR methods and something Dr. Mason strongly supports. In fact, the AHA stresses that every home should have a kit to train family members. Breakfast attendees watched a video demonstrating this new method. For more information go Here.

During the lively and engaging Q&A, it was clear that all recognized that we must collectively work to improve our own individual health, the health of our family and friends, as well as promote the overall physical, mental and spiritual health of our Community.

Following is  background on Minority Health Month. (Pictures from the April Breakfast can be viewed at the end of this post.)

National Minority Health Month

In April 2001, the National Minority Health Month Foundation launched National Minority Health Month, in response to Healthy People 2010, the US Department of Health and Human Services’ health-promotion and disease prevention initiative.

The time is now to advance health equity!

Everyone in America should have the chance to live a healthy life, regardless of who they are and where they live. We need your help to combat health disparities, build healthier communities and create a stronger nation.

This April, lets mark National Minority Health Month by raising awareness about health disparities that continue to affect racial and ethnic minorities, and the health care law’s groundbreaking policies to reduce these disparities and achieve health equity.

This year’s theme, Advance Health Equity Now: Uniting Our Communities to Bring Health Care Coverage to All is a call to action, a charge for all of us to unite towards a common goal of improving the health of our communities and increasing access to quality,
affordable health care for everyone.

A few pictures from the Breakfast:

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