Oct 102013

October Coalition Power Breakfast

Breakfast Notice:

Please join the COAL membership at our next Coalition Power Breakfast on Saturday, October 5, 2013 from 8:30am – 11:00am (program will begin @ 9:30am).In a COAL Commentary, issued on April 30, 2013, we asked that the Community not lose sight of a number of issues including the following: 

  • That  approximately 56 schools will close as a part of the CPS School Actions, resulting in @1,000 jobs being lost (400 janitors, maintenance, security, cafeteria and other non-teaching positions, around 100 administrators and the remaining being teaching positions), all in neighborhoods of color. At a time when the economy remains sluggish, the loss of this many jobs in our community is devastating.  And we must continue to advocate against these closings and urge the strengthening of our public schools and the reinvestment in our neighborhoods. 
          Shouldn’t there be a plan to ‘recall’ these teaching and non-teaching positions as openings in other
          areas are created. Shouldn’t these individuals move to the front of the line for other CPS jobs?          What about the small businesses in the areas surrounding these schools – this must result in a big
          financial hit on  these neighborhoods of color. How do we assess and address the impacted loss of
          business in these areas?

Since the time of that Commentary, there has been a loss of over 3,000 jobs as a result of Chicago Public Schools (CPS) school closings and other actions. This is our focus for the October Breakfast. COAL is honored to host Ms. Clarice Berry, President of the Chicago Principals and Administrators Association, as our guest speaker.For the Q&A portion of the program, Ms. Berry will be joined by a panel of experts to provide additional insights into this issue, as well as other challenges facing our Community and the education of our children. We are honored to have as our guest panelists:

Ms. Stacy Davis Gates, Political and Legislative Director – Chicago Teachers UnionQuentin Mumphery, Regional Director – Camelot for Kids, and COAL’s very own and much respected, Dr. Manford Byrd, General Superintendent of Schools (ret’d). Join us this Saturday for a  very informative Breakfast.

Please forward this notice to your respective organization(s). Should your organization or you have questions, in advance, please forward questions to COAL Public Policy at [email protected].

We also look forward to you working with us, on actionable plans to address issues that align with COAL’s mission and drives towards improving the quality of opportunity, quality of preparedness and overall quality of life for our community. If you wish to join one of our planning and action committees, please go to our website atwww.coalchicago.com and sign-up.

COAL Public Policy Committee

Breakfast Recap: pending      A few pictures from the October 2013 Breakfast:


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