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Please see the introductory article from the National Black Agenda Consortium Chicago (NBACC). Their efforts to pull together a vehicle that we all can use to develop, discuss, collaborate and drive a black agenda is impressive. The time to work seriously and collectively, to improve the state of our Community, is upon us…

In this same spirit, as many as possible should make time to attend the Rainbow PUSH Coalition 42nd Annual International Convention.  And finally, please see other important information…

COAL Board of Directors

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The Black Agenda and the National Black Agenda Consortium Chicago


As Dr. Ron Daniels, President of the Institute of the Black World 21st Century and distinguished Lecturer at York College City University of New York so eloquently states. “We need a mechanism which has as part of its mission, orienting and training individuals, constituencies and organizations in the art and science of capacity building to implement Black agendas. This is the missing ingredient in the equation.” National Black Agenda Consortium Chicago (NBAC Chicago) is addressing this “missing ingredient” in moving the Black Agenda forward.

To this end, NBAC Chicago has developed a website (www.NationalBlackAgendaConsortium.org) which is a vehicle to simplify networking, facilitate brainstorming & information exchange, and increase the capacity for organizing around Black Agenda Issues (Nguzo Saba)!

The National Black Agenda Consortium Chicago concurs that we must come together to EducateOrganize and Mobilize the Black community and people of African descent. There is legislation on the table and laws that have been passed to help our communities; we must EDUCATE our people about their existence. There are organizations and individuals working on the same issues nationwide, yet they are disconnected, we must assist in ORGANIZING them around legislation to push their common Agenda issue forward. There are individuals in our community that feel the need to be part of the solution, but they don’t know how, when or where; we must assist in MOBILIZING these warriors.

We must never again allow anyone to suggest, that a people suffering the way we have suffered, don’t have a Black agenda and don’t have the right to demand and fight for issues that benefit the Black community! What we lack is a unified movement, and the infrastructure to push the agenda!

The National Black Agenda Consortium Chicago has researched and analyzed more than a dozen Black agendas (i.e. 1840 in Albany, NY – 1875 in New Orleans, 1905 in Niagara, NY, 1972 Gary, Indiana, 1995 Million Man March in Washington DC, 2004 Boston National Black Agenda, 2004 Chicago National Convention Movement, etc.) to understand the historical development of the National Black Agenda Movement. Additionally, members of NBACC have attended and provide input to hundreds of community meetings for the primary purpose of understanding the Black Agenda Issues that they are addressing and how we can be a collaborative and value added partner to build capacity in addressing their specific Black Agenda Issues! This is the work that NBACC has done and is doing to facilitate moving the Black Agenda forward.

The National Black Agenda Consortium website is your vehicle, filled with Agendas from the past and present, facts & figures, video presentations, PowerPoint presentations & legislation summaries. This site is the vehicle for organizations, legislators and YOU, to organize, debate, research, share solutions and unite, to move the Black Agenda from agenda to legislation, from legislation to law, and from law to action!!

The NBAC website will now allow the Black Agenda to be discussed 24 hours a day7 days a week, from the East to the West coast, by rich, poor, famous, infamous & regular folks just like us, with no time restraintsno location issues and with easy access. Now, the Black Agenda includes YOUR solutionsYOUR wantsYOUR needs & YOUR desires, because YOU will be a part of the think-tank that provides the solutions that are used to consistently update and move the Black Agenda forward!!!

By identifying concerned community members & visionary organizations through our social media infrastructure, we can now mobilize specific groups to move on specific issues, as we collectively strategize like never before.

  • Organizing weekly or monthly meetings around micro, not macro issue topics (I.e. Meeting on a Civilian controlled Police Accountability Committee, not meeting on Crime and Violence);
  • Mobilizing efforts for concerned citizens to testify, demand action and lobby Local, State and Federal legislative bodies on specific Black Agenda issues;
  • Strategically scheduling door to door canvassing in one hour increments, making activism easy;
  • Connecting  organizations that are already doing work around common issues and encouraging them to grade legislators based upon their level of support; and
  • Training our children in all aspects of the art of civic engagement and equipping them with the tools necessary to be experienced and historically astute leaders for our future.

It is 2013, the revolution STILL will not be televised but we must use the internetsocial media, Direct Action and Boots on the Ground to achieve our goals!!

The Black community is overflowing with concerned citizens that want to be a part of the solution, but we haven’t had a collaborative tool that we can use, collectively. The Black community is overflowing with visionaries that can articulate the solutions, but require new vehicles in which they can be heard. The Black community is overflowing with people with leadership ability, but without enough mentors and supporters to nurture them to realize their potential. We believe that the NBACC inter-active website is a critical component in addressing these deficiencies.

We Can and We Must, have Unity without Uniformity.

National Black Agenda Consortium Chicago is one of many vehicles to help rebuild our community collectively and collaboratively, as in Nguzo Saba’s third principal of Ujima (Collective Work and Responsibility) to build and maintain our community together and make our brother’s and sister’s problems our problems and to solve them together.”

However, as one of the Ujima vehicles, the National Black Agenda Consortium respectfully requests your assistance in working with us to move the Black Agenda forward. What can you do?  First, visit our site and email or phone us at 773.373.9288 as to what you want to do to work with the National Black Agenda Consortium to “Move The Black Agenda Forward” to make a positive difference in the life of the Black community, people of African descent, and more importantly our children!

United we stand, divided we fall!

{Grace, Peace and Blessings}

James Hill, Chairman                         

Jeff Baker, Vice Chairman

Revin Fellows, Vice Chairman

National Black Agenda Consortium Chicago

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  1. What is on the Black agenda? How is it established and what happens after that?

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