Jul 102013



With The Illinois Report 2013, as with the six editions that have preceded it, IGPA researchers seek to provide information and context to help decision makers tackle the state’s pressing problems. Our mission is to present evidence-based research and analysis that brings critical issues into focus.

On their website, you can find free downloads (PDF) of every chapter of the 2013 edition, as well as a full copy download. The Illinois Report is also available in hard copy by request. This year’s edition delves into some of the state’s most interesting challenges, including:

Read the introduction to The Illinois Report 2013 right now. Click here for a link to the full report:  The ILLINOIS Report 2013.

The Institute of Government and Public Affairs is dedicated to improving public policy and public service by producing research and analysis such as you find in The Illinois Report 2013. To learn more about IGPA, visit their website.   [taken from the UIC IGPA site]



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