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On April 15, 2014, COAL voiced its opposition to the Gaming Bill SB1739. Before and since that time we have reached out to the bill’s sponsor, State Rep. Rita, and to members of the Illinois (Combined) Black Caucus to discuss the points of our opposition – to no avail.

COAL does not oppose gambling, nor new casinos per se; however, we do oppose any legislative bill containing billions in future economic development opportunities that does not include language that ensures that the black community benefits from said economic development.

We do oppose any legislative bill that does not include the proper checks and balances, and the right controls and constraints, to protect us from potential corruption.

We do oppose any legislative bill that does not include language that addresses the transparency required to protect us from the interests of a special few versus the needs of the many.

The days of, “trust us, the benefits will trickle down” or the days of “don’t worry, there will be a few set-asides for you folk” are coming to an end.

The days of our elected officials not having the courage and fore-thought to include language, in major legislation, that protects, supports and promotes our community, both in economic development and in social investment, are coming to an end.

We have an expectation that our african american elected (and appointed) officials will act with courage and in their community’s best interests…

Tell them what we think!

Our understanding is that SB1739 Amendments 3 (Chicago-only Casino) and 4 (Chicago and State-wide Expansion) will come up for a vote on May 14th (next week). 

Please take action! Contact your state representative and your state senator to voice your opposition to SB1739 in its current version.

Tell them what you think!

COAL Board of Directors  

The time to work seriously and collectively, to improve the state of our Community, is upon us…
Let’s Get  to Work

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  One Response to “COAL Commentary – Take Action Now! Tell Them What You Think…”

  1. Any legislation that does not include African-American community is guaranteed to do one thing, that is to exclude a major block of people with as much rigjts to economic growth as any other if not more. Personally I am opposed to gaming since its proven that it increases the risk for loss among those who have less creating addictive behavior. But since gaming has been instituted in Illinois it must be word specific to include the African-American community i.e. construction companies, laborers, management, daily ongoing daily activities.

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