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Clemency for Howard Morgan   

You know about the case of Officer Howard Morgan, a Black law enforcement officer gunned down by four white rookie cops a block from his house on the West Side in 2005 and sentenced to 40 years in prison.  We are working with his defense committee to put together support for an Executive Pardon by Gov. Quinn before he leaves office on January 5.  A formal petition will be presented to the Governor along with this and other letters of support.  Attorney Benjamin Crump and Angela Davis are working with us on this.

We need to ask you for three things:

1)  Add your name to the attached letter.

2)  Suggest additional people that we should ask to sign

the letter.

3)  Call or email them and ask them to sign the letter, or,

tell us that we can call or email them and say that you

suggested we ask them.

If you feel that you can’t participate at this time, that’s fine [but we would truly appreciate your support].

Thank you very much.

Ted Pearson ([email protected])
Frank Chapman

On behalf of Mrs. Rosalind Morgan and the Howard Morgan Defense Committee

See Letter Here


James Hill adds: additionally, you may want to contact your State Senator: (see

and State Representative:  (see and request their support.


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  1. Please pardon Howard Morgan.

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