Oct 242014

COAL believes that many are banking on folks like us not showing up to vote – after all, it has been the case in off-year elections of the past. There are some candidates that feel that they can obfuscate the real issues, glossing over their policies that would be detrimental to our community. There are some members of our community that push candidates without ever understanding or caring to understand the positions of said candidates and whether or not their positions will lead to improving our every day lives – let’s acknowledge that a few or 30 pieces of silver can be attractive to some…

It is time we spread the word that we will not be silent, that we will not be fooled so easily – that Voting Is Our Voice! 

And that we will use that collective voice, not for the few, but in the best interests of the many, in the best interests of our community…

Let’s vote early, and then let us each commit to getting at least five additional family, friends and associates to vote early.  

Most Sincerely,
COAL Board of Directors

The time to work seriously and collectively, to improve the state of our Community, is upon us…
Let’s Get  to Work

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