Mar 042014

March Coalition Power Breakfast

Breakfast Notice:

Please join the COAL membership at our next Coalition Power Breakfast on Saturday, March 1, 2014, from 8:30am – 11:00am (program will begin @ 9:30am).

COAL is pleased to welcome the Honorable Stephanie Neely, Treasurer, City of Chicago, as our guest speaker.

The Office of the City Treasurer is the custodian and manager of all cash and investments for the City of Chicago, the four City employee pension funds, and the Chicago Teacher’s Pension Fund. Equally important, the Treasurer’s Office manages a number of programs that promote economic development in Chicago’s neighborhoods.As we look to promote economic development and create sustainable wealth across our community, we must be committed to the growth of our small business sector. Small businesses are the engines of job creation and essential to strengthening our economy, particularly at the local level. Net bottom line: we must create and nurture an environment in which our small businesses can prosper.

Join us as the City Treasurer discusses a number of programs and initiatives to support small business.

We also look forward to you working with us, on actionable plans to address issues that align with COAL’s mission and drives towards improving the quality of opportunity, quality of preparedness and overall quality of outcomes (expressed as ‘quality of life’) for our community. If you wish to join one of our planning and action committees, please go to our website at and sign-up.


COAL Public Policy Committee

Breakfast Recap: pending

A few pictures from the Breakfast:



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