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CHICAGO, Illinois January 6, 2015 –

It is time…..

It is time that we recognize that just as we are attempting to identify, nurture and position that next generation of courageous community-minded and community-focused leadership;

That others – well-funded others – are identifying, nurturing and positioning, that next generation of individuals to pacify the community, to obfuscate the issues and solutions, to send out to blunt the progress of our community by using their individual success as a facade for real and expansive progress.

It is time that we recognize this and fight against this virus that infiltrates…

Therefore, it is time that our families focus on nurturing a sense of community and community-responsibility in their young and that we, as the leaders we profess to be, put into overdrive, our plans and actions to promote and position individuals true to the goal of furthering our collective interests…



It is time…..

It is time that we recognize that voting is our voice  and that our voices must be heard.

Come February 2015 and beyond, let us show ourselves and demonstrate to all others that for those that we elect,  it is time for them to represent, legislate, and fight for our interests; let us remove those that take us for granted, or do not have the courage or skills to make positive change happen for black folk.

Let us put in office men and women of courage and vision and commitment and follow-through and empathy and strategy – real leaders for our community.

It is time that we not be fooled by those that simply state that they will do better if their history does not support that – let us be thoughtful and mindful in using our voice…

It is past time to put real leaders in office in order to make real and lasting progress.


It is time…..

In the words of that great mover and shaker, the King of Soul, Mr. James Brown: [It is time] for us to get on up, get into it and get involved…


IT IS TIME, Part V – A Request

It is time…..

We have compiled these COAL Commentaries as a means of provoking thought and action – we have gathered the above from many conversations with individuals and groups focused on moving our agenda forward.

We’d also like to hear from you; those who have something to share: we are asking that you take the time to submit your ‘IT IS TIME’ statement or thoughts, and we will share them with the Community over the next couple of issues of COAL News.

If you have something to add, please submit to publicpolicy@coal.chicago.com or go to Contact Us.

1) We encourage you to take the time to participate;

2) Submissions should be in the form of ‘It Is Time….”. (Submissions can be high-level or specifically focused on something that needs to be done and acted upon in 2015 as part of a social or legislative or community agenda.);

3) Please let us know if you wish your comment to be anonymous or attributed to you and/or your organization;

4) We are open to all submissions, however, we will only reprint those that are respectful of the community and a readership that is young and old, male and female;

5) Be true to your beliefs, but personal attacks should be avoided – rather frame the comment in more general terms so that your point is not lost while still allowing us to print your submission.

The goal is to hear from our community while underscoring that as a community, we are focused and committed towards taking actions to make real, positive and lasting change happen.

It’s on all of us….


The time to work seriously and collectively, to improve the state of our Community, is upon us…
Let’s Get to Work

Click here for a full copy of COAL News – January 2015 1.0.

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