Nov 252015

Submitted by James Hill:

The  job openings below, located in Cook County, will be posted (go live) tomorrow, 11/25/2015.

PSC 10-16-023 / Public Service Administrator, Opt 1 / Cook

PSC 10-16-024 / Staff Development Specialist I / Cook

PSC 10-16-025 / Administrative Assistant I, Opt. H7 / Cook

  4 Responses to “Job Openings – Region 1 Postings 11/25/15 (Cook)”

  1. Need to speak with Clarence Wood this is Cassandra Carey at 219-902-5703

  2. Dear James Hill

    I know it is a late position but was wonderings if I could discuss the job and meet you. Cassandra Carey

  3. I only have something for the Navy Pier job fair and still waiting to speak with someone about me being watched by and old Employee and family. I need to speak with someone this person is having me watched everyday, and coming to my home and where ever I go.

  4. need another job for the Summer. Cassandra Carey and need to speak with Clarence Wood. 219-902-5703
    Cassandra Carey

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