Jul 122016

Submitted by James Hill:

Subject: Step Up to Opportunity with SPCDM! Register Now to Prepare for Entry into a U. S. of Labor approved Apprenticeship Program

Let’s Help Somebody!

St. Paul Church of God in Christ Community Development Ministries, Inc. (SPCDM) doors are opened to prepare and expand the number of individuals in historically underrepresented and hard to serve populations for entry into the United States Department of Labor (USDOL) approved apprenticeship programs.  This population includes minorities, women, youth – including new high school graduates, and Veterans.

SPCDM has a documented record of placing individuals who complete our career-readiness program, successfully, into apprenticeship programs. We are increasing diversity within this industry and preparing more people for careers in this vital field, which will help keep our workforce healthy and vibrant; and provide economic opportunities for working men and women.  Therefore, an increased stability for our families and communities.  Please feel free to share the attached flyer.

St. Paul Church of God in Christ Community Development Ministries, Inc. (SPCDM)
Elder Kevin Anthony Ford, Executive Director
4550 S. Wabash Avenue
Chicago, IL. 60653

Office: 773.538.5120 | Fax: 773.538.5125
Website: www.stpaulcdm.org

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  1. Hello, I represent the Atlanta Small Business Training Consortium, Inc., a nonprofit here in Atlanta and we are trying to have an apprenticeship training program. Would you mind sharing how your program is going and what are you doing to make it successful. I always find that it is good to talk to others that may be doing the same as you might but could be doing it better. Doesn’t hurt to ask for pointers. Thanks if you decide to reply!

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