Nov 042018


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  One Response to “COAL News – Judicial Retention Edition”

  1. There is an organization doing great things I felt COALS would be interested in knowing about. The Renaissance Collaborative, Inc. (RCI) under the leadership of Executive Director, Patricia Abrams. They undertake providing supportive housing to homeless and chronic homeless individuals in Chicago with the intent to empower individuals through housing, employment and life skills as a holidtic model to also include health and wellness activities. Ms. Adrams was instrumental in rehabbing and revitalizing the historic YMCA Wabash located at 3757 S. Wabash, also where their offices are located. The recognition for quality housing for seniors was applied and now there is the Renaissance Collaborative, Senior Village in Bronzeville. You would think that would be enough but under RCI there is also the Bronzeville Green Organic Landscaping, formed for residents job placement. This is an Organization you should know.

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