Jun 302018


Chicago’s segregation is inextricably linked to racism. To break this cycle, our path forward must be rooted in racial equity. Doing so will unlock the potential of all the region’s residents and communities.

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  One Response to “Metropolitan Planning Council – Our Equitable Future A Roadmap for the Chicago Region”

  1. I do not have many words to say about Black/African American leadership within the city of Chicago; as we only see these so-called leaders when it is time to vote them back in. I ask this question and have not got an answer yet; all the principal offices in Cook County are run or controlled by someone that looks like me; and we (black males) make up about 5% of total us pop; however, we are still making up 90% of that lock up. Why is that?
    I have an issue that is personal to me; as such it is said for me to look for help from anyone that looks like me would be like watching for snow in Chicago today. I have reached out to the Chief Judge Evans in this case, and his offices send me the same response over and over. However, a Black Judge lets someone sit in her chair, and he removed her right away. I guess we will see him and all the others come late Aug or Oct; just in time to get that 30% out to vote. .. What Is the Life of a Black Boy Worth in COOK COUNTY? NOTHING!

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