Sep 272020

COAL Highly Commends Stan Moore, U.S. Census Executive


Stan Moore’s first official assignment with the Census Bureau came in 1960 when he joined the Census to help program a computer that weighed eight tons and was the size of a one-car garage. He has been at the forefront of helping create a national digital database that maps neighborhoods, has overseen the implementation of GPS-equipped handheld computers carried by census workers, and pioneered the use of partnership strategies such as the complete count commitee to increase census response rates, especially for people of color and other groups that have been traditionally undercounted.
“If you need good schools, health care or transportation in your community, all that money is based on Census figures,” Moore said. “If you’re not cooperating, another city will have a good living standard where your city won’t.”
Working for the Census under 12 presidents and being an organizer of the Census for approximately six decades has given Moore a front-row seat to history.
COAL commends Mr. Moore’s leadership, analytical and statistical expertise, technology, planning and organizing skills, as well as his forward-thinking and consummate professionalism.
He has been a man on the inside who curageously fought to eliminate the undercount of this nation’s black residents, as a means of gaining us a fair share of the benefits of our tax dollars. For this and more, COAL says, thank you.
Stanley D. Moore is someone we all should know.
COAL Board of Directors

Stanley D. More BIO

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