Jun 062020

Be a Role Model for Our Youth

Good Evening,

I am forwarding you all information on a free virtual after-school camp for ALL YOUTH AGES 11-18. It is open for enrollment NOW!!! Virtual Group activities will include: Workforce Development Opportunities, SEL Groups, Bullying Workshops, Creative Learning, Entrepreneurship and Career Readiness etc. Youth AND Families have the opportunity to create a flexible schedule of attendance and participation. Each youth will be given an assessment to determine best areas of improvement and best activities for participation. Supportive and Wrap-Around Services also available.

Please see enrollment and contact information below

The purpose of this program is to positively impact the lives of Chicago youth (boys and girls ages 11 to 18) by promoting higher education, social and emotional learning, positive behavior interventions, STEM, financial literacy, career readiness, accountability, respect, mentoring, leadership, violence prevention and civic engagement.

Parents/Legal Guardians can register their youth online:
Guest Speakers can register here:
CYRU Video 

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