Sep 242021

The International Handbook of Black Community Mental Health

by Richard Majors, Karen Carberry, Theodore Ransaw

“This Handbook is a landmark in our understanding of the mental health issues which challenge African-heritage populations in Europe (particularly in the UK and the Netherlands) and in North America – countries which imposed slavery on African populations. The racism which survives today is a perpetuation of the values which supported slavery: issues of labelling and victim-blaming continue, and take their toll on minority populations. The 40 activists, clinicians and scholars who contribute chapters to this handbook are well qualified and experienced….”

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Black Women’s Mental Health

Edited by Stephanie Y. Evans, Kanika Bell, and Nsenga K. Burton


Caring for myself is not self indulgent, it is self preservation, and that is

an act of political warfare.

—Audre Lorde


This well-known and revered quote still gives me goose bumps every time I read it. Audre Lorde captures Black women’s long and arduous history of navigating marginalization and invisibility: to do it all, bear it all, often in silence. Black women’s political acts of resisting and rejecting negative stereotypes, sexism, and racism bear a heavy price.

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Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome America’s Legacy of Enduring Injury and Healing

by Joy DeGruy


African-Americans are being urged, not only by the traditional bastions of American power, but by many “successful” blacks as well, to forget slavery, to forget Jim Crow, to forget about all that Africa was prior to the advent of trans-Atlantic slavery. In this far-sighted and thoughtful book, Joy DeGruy adds her voice to those who are telling black Americans to pay no attention to such disastrous advice. Inasmuch as African-Americans are the only Americans whose forebears were

dragooned to America against their will….

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Mental Health and the Black Community

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Addiction & Mental Health Resources for the Black Community

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