Mar 252022

March 26th Breakfast – Hon. Jason C. Ervin, Alderman 28th Ward on Ward Remap

 One of the most important and impactful issues before the residents of Chicago is the remap of the 50 wards, which must be redrawn based on the 2020 Census.

Population changes, and the resulting proposed number of Black, White, and Hispanic majority wards drawn in contending versions of ward maps proffered by city council caucuses and other groups, beget very contentious debate every 10 years. Adding to this decennial debate is the reasonable inclusion of a majority Asian ward, which, in turn, puts additional pressure on the other major groups.

The debate is required, and the contentiousness is the norm, due to the potential impact this effort has on racial political power, both real and perceived. The remap effort demands a special COAL Breakfast allowing for a deeper dive into the issue, along with the identification of any next steps the community needs to take towards ensuring our interests are protected.

COAL is honored to host the Honorable Jason C. Ervin, Alderman – 28th Ward and Chair of the City Council Black Caucus, for a conversation on the Chicago Ward Remap process and the remap recommended by the Black Caucus.

Please join COAL this Saturday, March 26th for an engaging and informative Breakfast

RSVP by replying to this notice at [email protected].


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  3 Responses to “COAL Notice – March 26th Breakfast – Hon. Jason C. Ervin, Alderman 28th Ward on Ward Remap”

  1. Whatever happen to better communication with the communities with policies and procedures on ward remapping and “Literature prior to meetings without formulating groups?
    This will give a better opportunity for time, thoughts interest, and knowledge regardless of how long this issue has been on the table.
    Can the dates be sent back so that those who have an interest be knowledgeable of the facts regarding the ward mapping to get more information and use this as a tool for futurism purposes.

  2. .

  3. Ms. Little, I agree with you asking for material prior to the Breakfast meeting. If you click on the link to the actual notice, you will see that COAL sends pre-reading material on the topic with every notice.

    additionally, we do plan to schedule one or two more meetings on this topic. Thank you for the comment.

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