Nov 022022

On Urban Prep / COAL Hiring Event

A majority of you reading this have heard about, read about, and/or have been involved in discussions surrounding Urban Prep Academies and the action recently taken by Chicago Public Schools (CPS) to revoke Urban Prep’s charter. You may have already taken a position on this action, for or against it. COAL has not.

COAL believes in providing our membership and greater community-of-interest with information and data, towards fostering a more informed discussion of the issues impacting our community. With this in mind, COAL is honored to host Troy Boyd, Jr., Chief Operating Officer and Dennis Lacewell, Chief Academic Officer of Urban Prep Academies to provide us with information and data, along with their perspectives, on all aspects of this evolving issue.

If an issue impacts the education of our youth, institutions within our community, and/or the actions taken by officials (elected or appointed) impact our community on any material level, then we must endeavor to be informed and where necessary, to get involved.

Please join COAL, this Saturday, November 5, 2022 for an important conversation On Urban Prep.


COAL Board of Directors

“The time to work seriously and collectively, to improve the state of our Community, is upon us…”
Let’s Continue the Work

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