Sep 152022
Chess Against Violence

Chicago youth are experiencing violence, sometimes daily. Teaching youth to make better decisions and engage respectfully is essential to the solution. Learning chess teaches students to identify and analyze alternatives and evaluate consequences before acting. Chess training also promotes good sportsmanship.

Chess Against Violence is comprehensive, multiple-week chess instruction event culminating in a fun, competitive chess tournament. We need individual sponsors to support our Chess Against Violence anti-violence initiative. Please consider donating at whatever level you can, to improve the prospects of Chicago youth. Please click here to donate. You will receive a tax deduction, and we will list you on our donor web page with your permission. Please forward this request to others who may be interested.

FwC Community Services, with the support of the JLM Life Center and the Coalition of African American Leaders, will host a Saturday free-to-participant event. The event is for beginners ages 10 to 16, starting September 9th. The event will be at 2622 W. Jackson, in Chicago.

Youth Development Systems, Inc. licensed FwC Community Services, Inc. to use their Fun with Chess Learning System® and their patent-pending uniquely designed chessboard. The Fun with Chess Learning System® is a fun, practical, scalable, and proprietary online chess learning environment. The license will allow students in underserved communities, including students with mild learning deficits, to learn, practice, play chess and benefit from chess training. FwC Community Services, Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit company.

Contact: Ralph Jones 773.263.1986

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