Mar 052022

March Breakfast – ILBC Chair Sonya Harper on Caucus Progress

Many are aware that on Sept. 1, 2020, the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus launched four pillars of policy through which the Caucus identified measures that would put Illinois on a course for racial and economic equity.

In a January Commentary, COAL stated, “Let’s demand [of our Black elected and appointed officials] that they make a positive, most needed, and measurable difference in Black lives.”

With this as a backdrop, for the March Coalition Power Breakfast, COAL is honored to host a conversation with the Honorable Sonya Harper, State Representative – 6th District and Joint Chair of the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus on progress being made in the Caucus’ four strategic areas of focus and how the community can help them help us.Please join COAL on Saturday, March 12th for an engaging Breakfast, continuing the 2022 theme of accountability at all levels, across all sectors, impacting the lives of black people.

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