Oct 252023

Action: Please Call Senator Martwick Now


Thank you for your ongoing support of IAAFER’s comprehensive proposal for an electoral map for Chicago’s first elected representative school board (ERSB). The General Assembly is in Fall Veto Session as we speak. They are expected to vote on a new map for the Chicago ERSB before the session is done. We need you to call Senator Robert Martwick, the Sponsor of the Chicago ERSB legislation, and Senator Kimberly Lightford, Co-Sponsor, TODAY. Tell them to support the IAAFER mapping proposal and create a trailer bill for the Black Student Achievement Committee.

Please be reminded that our advocacy is nonpartisan. Our map has not been drawn to favor any party or candidate and provides equal opportunity for all Chicagoans to elect candidates of choice. You can find out more here. https://preview.mailerlite.com/k3l1d1n9y4 Please share this in your networks and post the flyer on your social media, emails and websites.

Thank You

Illinois African Americans for Equitable Redistricting (IAAFER)

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