Apr 062023

April 4th Election Results eod 4.6.23

100% of all 1,291 precincts in Chicago have now reported their Election Results. Those totals are now added to the Unofficial Results:
10,972 additional votes were added to the Unofficial Count today, and we now stand at 571,095 ballots cast in Chicago for a 35.98% current citywide turnout of 1,587,153 registered voters.
136,766 total Vote By Mail ballots have now been returned to the Board.
28,898 total additional Vote By Mail ballots were received since Mon, April 3.
13,668 additional Vote By Mail ballots were received on Wed, April 5.
15,230 additional Vote By Mail ballots were received on Thurs, April 6.
There are currently 61,327 Outstanding Vote By Mail ballots not yet returned to the Board. We do not expect all of these to return back to the Board by the April 18th deadline. Please click the following link for Outstanding VBM ballots by Ward:
This report is provided by COAL’s Coalition Voter Project committee.
“The time to work seriously and collectively, to improve the state of our Community, is upon us…”
Let Us be intentional in all aspects of the Work that must be done.

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