Sep 042023

Sept 9th Alden Loury on Chicago’s Black Population Decline

For the July Power Breakfast, CUL CEO Karen Freeman-Wilson shared the Chicago Urban League’s State of Black Chicago 2023. In its conclusion, the report called attention to the city’s declining Black population and how Black Chicagoans were moving to the suburbs and other states in search of housing and employment, higher-performing schools and safer communities. The report warned of serious consequences if the depopulation persists.

WBEZ took a deeper look at the areas in Chicago that have suffered the deepest declines in Black population. For the September 9th Power Breakfast, COAL is honored to host Alden Loury, Data Projects Editor at WBEZ Chicago, to share insights from his deeper look behind Chicago’s loss of Black population, towards us determining how to turn this decline around and promote thriving Black neighborhoods.

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