Mar 292024

Eileen O’Neill Burke wins States Attorney Primary

Eileen O’Neill Burke wins the Democratic Primary for Cook County State’s Attorney. AP called the race at 4:49 p.m. on March 29, 2024.

The count has Burke’s lead over Harris at 1,556 votes and based on the expected additional ballots to trickle in, that lead is insurmountable.

The outstanding question is, “will Clayton Harris III request, and bear the cost of, a recount?” A recount can be requested, if the lead is 1% or less of the total votes cast.

A second question is, “how likely would a recount alter the outcome, recognizing the meticulous manner in which both Chicago and Cook County have tabulated the vote?”

Please note that former Alderman Bob Fioretti ran uncontested in the Republican Primary for Cook County State’s Attorney and will meet the Democratic winner in the November General Election.


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