Jan 062024

January 6th Judicial Candidates Meet and Greet

Please note that COAL is committed to a strong and independent judiciary.

We devote a COAL Breakfast to hosting a Judicial Candidates Meet & Greet as a means of educating the community on who the judicial candidates are, be they running for the first time, looking to hold on to an appointed position, aspiring to a higher court or up for retention.

It is COAL’s way of demonstrating support for the judicial system as one of our core institutions and our belief that the quality of those that serve on the bench is critical to our democracy, the rule of law and one of America’s most noble pursuits. ‘…and justice for all’.

These forums afford us the opportunity to engage with a large number of sitting and prospective judges and provides us with a solid basis for our assessment of and vote for qualified judicial candidates.

Your Vote for judicial candidates running in the March 19th Primary Election Matters.

“The time to work seriously and collectively, to improve the state of our Community, is upon us…”

Let Us be intentional in all aspects of the Work that must be done.

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