COAL Committee Logo 225The Coalition, as a concerned assemblage of African American social and civic organizations, has developed and intends to implement, a process to examine and analyze the issues impacting the well-being of the African American community; and to develop actionable plans to address these issues. To begin this process, COAL is instituting committees made up of representatives from member organizations, and other interested individuals, that will be chaired by a member of the COAL Board or a designee appointed by the COAL Chairman or President.

Please select the Committee(s) you would like to work with:


  4 Responses to “COAL COMMITTEE SIGN-UP”

  1. COALChicago sounds like an organized effort that is greatly needed in Chicago. Thank you for the notice of the meeting on August 3rd.

    Richard D. Kerr

    • Hello Mr. Kerr, I’m not Afreican American, may I still serve the committee. Please kindly reply. Today is very sad day for all the chicagoan and for rest of the country to what is happening in our communities. Love to be a part of the team who can work toghter fixing the system.

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