COAL spends countless hours researching, analyzing, publishing and building strong community relationships towards advocacy and actions that result in strong wins and positive outcomes for the Community. There is much more work to do and with your support, COAL will continue to:
  • Inform, update, and educate the community on items of critical importance and interest to the well-being of Black people;
  • Challenge the systems that do not prioritize the needs and concerns of Black people, our youth, our elderly, our families, that devalue our community institutions, and that do not listen to the voices of our community;
  • Strive to hold our elected and appointed representatives accountable to delivering on an agenda for Black people;
  • Support and Take actions that defend and protect our community, its people, organizations and institutions toward strengthening our community and us as a people;
  • Build relationships and networks towards building the capacity required to take on new and intransigent issues plaguing our community; and
  • Promote and foster self-awareness, self-reliance and self-accountability, community-resilience, ownership of solving our complex problems and ownership of building a brighter future for our next generations.

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In Memory of Chairman Clarence Wood