Ben Joravsky, Staff Writer Chicago Reader


Ben Joravsky Staff Writer, Chicago Reader Investigative Reporter, and Author Ben Joravsky is a prize winning journalist whose piece about Chicago’s Roosevelt High School was chosen as one of 1992’s outstanding sports articles.

In his own word’s:

I moved to Chicago in 1981 and have been writing about local politics ever since. I started freelancing for the Reader in the early 1980s and became a full-time staff  writer in 1990.

Since 2003, I’ve zeroed in on larger citywide matters, with a special interest in exposing municipal financing scams, most notably tax increment financing and the the city’s proposal to bring the Olympics to Chicago. I’ve also written dozens of profiles and features, including my year with the Roosevelt High School boys basketball team, which was included in the Best American Sports Writing Anthology.

Over the last few years, Mick Dumke and I have collaborated on investigations exposing everything from the parking-meter-sale ripoff to our costly and unfairly enforced marijuana laws.

I’ve written five books, including Hoop Dreams and The Greens, which I cowrote with Rick Stone. I’ve won many journalism prizes, including the 2010 Chicago Journalist of the Year Award from the Chicago Journalists Association and the 2010 Illinois Journalist of the Year Award from Northern Illinois University. Last but not least, I also write for The Third City, a daily humor blog that “rarely lies to the American people.”

  3 Responses to “Ben Joravsky, Staff Writer Chicago Reader”

  1. Ben—-I implore you to read and digest a fabulous article in Truth Dig by Chris Hedges titled “Trump is the Symptom—Not the Disease”. U cannot get this kind of factual information and Chris manages to do it regularly. These last 4 decades plus and the Deep State are destroying our once proud country. Let me know what U think. I know U cannot quote this info over the air because U will be canned. U know how U can get the message across to your readers and listeners. All the best.

  2. BEN…LOVE your intelligent and good natured radio show and listen every day.
    NOW, you have to correct your pronunciation of machination…it’s MACK ih nation, no MASH there. (Go here to hear it pronounced)

    [mak-uh-ney-shuh n]

  3. Ben,

    I have not heard you on WCPT for the last few weeks and hope you are not permanently off the air. You really add so much to any discussion because of your depth/breadth of political knowledge.

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