Bernard Key, CEO @ Nubian Media


Bernard Key, CEO, Nubian Media has been involved in the community and schools for over 20 years. As a consultant, he was one of the lead project managers responsible for deploying wireless technologies in Chicago schools in the nineties.

Mr. Key implemented, designed, and deployed WIFI solutions for over 1700 public and private schools and community centers. His wireless infrastructure design is now a standard for all the inner-city schools. As a result, students are not confined to the classroom, desk, or building. During project deployment, Mr. Key recognized the need to implement technology, engineering, science, and math in the inner-city schools.

Forward to today, in collaboration with publishing and media companies, Bernard is responsible for development, building and creating content for STEM City USA and STEM City Chicago. As a result of his creativity and innovation, XR Today Magazine awarded STEM City USA “2022 Top Finalist for Best Metaverse Solution” and “Most Commented Metaverse Award”.

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