Cecile Johnson, CEO and founder – African Development Plan


Cecile Johnson is the CEO and founder of African Development Plan whose vision is “A United African Continent working closely with its Diaspora to create and implement a 50 year Comprehensive Development Plan that will usher in an African Renaissance for the global African community. She is co-founder of the newly formed Johnson and Patterson Planning Consortium (JPPC), a planning and development firm that provides consulting services in Community transformation, Leadership Development, Community Planning and Sustainable Development. We utilize a community based approach centered around the Black Agenda; the J & P Framework for rapidly implementing the Community Agenda; and a Human Rights approach to Self Determination.

Cecile is an African Centered Researcher and Scholar focused on Self-Determination solutions for Afro Descendant people locally and internationally. She calls what she does “Connecting the dots”; using comprehensive data in a user friendly way to help people of African descent understand and tell their story, highlighting the root causes and historic ramifications of past actions, laws and policy on today’s outcomes for the Black Community here in the USA and globally.

World Class Researcher
● Global and Community Human Rights Advocate
● Co-author of the National Black Agenda 2016
● Co-developer of the J&P model for community transformation
● Multi-Cultural Diversity Specialist
● Over 20 research studies on disparities and solutions impacting the black community

Shifts social dynamics through policy, organizational process and performance improvement
● Strategic organizational alignment and problem solving
● Enterprise Program Design and Evaluation
● Public and Private sector transformation
● Sustainable Stakeholder Engagement Frameworks

Political and Community Leadership Development
● Stakeholder Engagement / Strategic Alliances
● Strategic Human Capital Development
● Restorative remedies based on Human Rights
● Leadership, Team and Family Development Training

Certified UN Human Rights Defender;
Administration of Justice Advocate;
American Institute of Human Rights, Atlanta, Ga;
Masters of Arts in Inner City Studies Northeastern Illinois University;
BA Communications, Florida Gulf Coast University

cecilejohnson50@gmail.com 773.431.2788


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