Hon. Danny Davis, U.S. Congressman – 7th District



Danny K. Davis was chosen by the people of the 7th Congressional District of Illinois as their Representative in Congress on November 5, 1996. He has been re-elected by large majorities to succeeding Congresses, most recently to the 113th Congress on November 6, 2012. Prior to his election to the Congress he served on the Cook County Board of Commissioners and served for eleven years as a member of the Chicago City Council as Alderman of the 29th Ward. Before seeking public office Congressman Davis had productive careers as an educator, community organizer, health planner/administrator and civil rights advocate.

Over the course of his legislative career, Representative Davis, has been able to move several bills and major amendment to passage. In the 105th Congress his amendment to the transportation bill quadrupled funding authorization for the Access to Jobs Program. In the 106th Congress, he teamed with Representatives Jim Talent and J.C. Watt to pass the American Community Renewal Act and New Markets Initiative, which brought investment and jobs to economically depressed areas. In the 110th Congress, Davis introduced legislation to facilitate the return of ex-offenders to the community-at-large: the Second Chance Act. This legislation was signed into law on April 9, 2008.

In the 113th Congress, Representative Davis serves on the Ways and Means Committee. Congressman Davis is a Member of the Congressional Black Caucus, the Progressive Caucus, the Labor Caucus, and the Urban Caucus, just to name a few. Further, he serves as Co-Chairman of the Community Health Centers Caucus and Co-Chairman of the Congressional Sugar Caucus.

Prior to his election to the Congress he served on the Cook County Board of Commissioners having been elected in November 1990 and re-elected in November 1994. Previously, he served for eleven years as a member of the Chicago City Council as Alderman of the 29th Ward.

Born in Parkdale, Arkansas, on September 6, 1941, Congressman Davis moved to the Westside of Chicago in 1961, after having earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Arkansas A.M. & N. College. He subsequently earned both Masters and Doctorate degrees respectively from Chicago State University and the Union Institute in Cincinnati, Ohio.

He is married to Vera G. Davis, has two sons, Jonathan and Stacey, and is a member and Deacon of the New Galilee M.B. Church. Congressman Davis is the recipient of many awards and citations, including six honorary Doctorate Degrees from well known colleges and universities.

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  1. I am saddened that you Mr . Davis walked out on the families of the Benghazi hearings .. What a sad commentary. Did this act fall into the face of what the democrats stand for ..or Mr. Obama? ..What is this administration hiding? What are you supporting ? Agenda, Party..or representation of the people.?
    You slapped each and everyone that was killed, in the face. You stated..not orally, that you did not care or will not even gather evidence that these people died in vain.. What has the United States come to….It boils down to career politicians that think they all know better and LARGER Government supports all …It doesn’t. I lived in Chicago for 5 years …Tell me that Cabrini Green and the Robert Taylor homes..really are great for the people you represent .. They suck..but they are part of the BIG GOVERNMENT Welfare system . Democrats support the Agenda and nothing else..Military…you showed where you stand …shame on you…Disgusted taxpayer

  2. Looking for jobs is tuff, give the less fortunate a chance, this all people is asking. The poor need slot more help taxes are high, jobs that is hiring is not exceedingly the cost of living. That is why people add welfare as apart of their income. So we do not need a government shut down, not just for a point to be proved.

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