Delmarie Cobb, Veteran Media and Political Consultant


The career of Delmarie Cobb, as a media and political consultant, spans the historic and credible presidential campaigns of the first African American man and the first woman nominee of the Democratic Party.  She also served as the first African American press secretary for the Democratic National Convention upon its successful return to Chicago in 1996.

As the owner of The Publicity Works, a boutique, Chicago-based public affairs firm—specializing in political consulting, media relations, strategic planning and crisis management—her analyses and opinion are in great demand by media outlets throughout the world.

Since opening The Publicity Works, Ms. Cobb has served as political consultant for a long list of candidates, starting with Alderman Bobby Rush in his first congressional bid against incumbent U.S. Rep. Charles Hayes; Jesse Jackson Jr. in the 1995 special election; former Illinois comptroller Dan Hynes; the re-election campaigns of Cook County State’s Attorney Dick Devine; and many other local, state and national campaigns.  In 2000, she served as Illinois State Director for presidential candidate Bill Bradley.

Ms. Cobb started as a television news reporter working for network affiliates in various markets throughout the country.  Upon returning to Chicago, she became a radio talk show host, a television producer, and a columnist—writing social and political opinion pieces for N’DIGO Magapaper.  She also is the president of Deleco Communications Inc., a television production company, which produced the award-winning, national television newsmagazine program, STREET LIFE on PBS affiliates.  Currently, she writes a column to a growing number of subscribers—Chicago Colors–which is often picked up by a variety of media outlets.

Ms. Cobb brings to a project knowledge of the media; the respect of her peers; and her experience in hard news reporting and politics.  It is these attributes, which make her invaluable to corporate, government and non-profit clients in developing public policy, strategic planning, crisis management, community outreach and messaging.

Since opening her consulting business, on April 1, 1990, Ms. Cobb has helped to nurture and develop the careers of many young adults—in journalism and politics–who served as interns in her office.

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  1. Ms. Cobb, My name is Aaron Cotton. I know of you from handling several campaigns.( Terry Peterson & Roland Burris)I am a Public Notary. What I’m seeking is information regarding the appropriate charge for notarizing election petition circulars? Phone # 312 656 9534. Can be reached after 7:30 pm. Thanks in advance

  2. Hello, my name is Karen Curtin. I really take issue with your comment on the Chicago Tonight program on Monday August 10th. Your comment was that if Biden didn’t choose a black women to run as his pick for VP black voters wouldn’t vote like they did for President Obama. That isn’t very American. It’s like saying if I don’t get my way I’ll pick up my marbles and go home. Voting is a basic right that people shed their blood to obtain in America. Shame on people who don’t vote because their favorite candidate isn’t on the ballot. As long as the “them & us” attitude prevails in this country between races there will be no hope for healing and going forth. I voted for Obama and I wish he was still our president but he isn’t so I will vote for the candidate I believe will best serve America. Our country needs everyone to vote to protect everyone’s FREEDOM! ALL AMERICANS MATTER. Sincerely, Karen

  3. Hello, I need your media consultant services. Please send your email address to me at, [email protected]

  4. I just walked into this, and know nothing about Ms. Cobb other than her amazing column on Rahm Emanuel that was just published in CounterPunch. But just one quick thought, Karen – maybe Cobb was not *endorsing* this phenomenon – maybe she was just stating what she thought was a reality.
    I would also gently invite you to look at Barack Obama’s policies very closely. Although there is much room for debate, of course, you could start with Cobb’s analysis of one of his close asssociates, Emanuel, at, for example,

    Thank you for all you’ve done and are doing!

  6. I just heard you on tv and want to find out what your definition of equity is… equity is built. You earn equity in something you build .are you building equity. But equity holds a different definition to you because of your skin color or your own perspective?

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