Dr. Everett A. White, MD


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Dr. Everett A. White, MD

Dr. Everett White has retired from private practice in OB/GYN and Bariatrics at Trinity Hospital of Chicago.

Dr. Everett A. White grew up in Chicago, Illinois. He is married to Jane White and has two children and four grandchildren. He attended Grinnell College for two years. He attended Howard University where he received his Bachelor of Science and Medical Degrees. He completed his internship and residency in OB-GYN at Cook County Hospital. He attended Northwestern Kellogg School of Business where he received an MBA.

Dr. White is a member of many organizations:

  • Life Member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity
  • The president of the Chicago DC Connection to the Congressional Black Caucus
  • Former Sire Archon of Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity, Beta
  • The Chicago Assembly
  • NAACP Life Member
  • Cook County Physicians’ Association
  • National Medical Association
  • Coalition of African American Leaders (COAL) Board of Directors

  4 Responses to “Dr. Everett A. White, MD”

  1. You look like the same Everett (Scrappy) white from the Church of the good Shepard. If so you may remember Colorado and almost running into a ditch.

  2. Are you the same Dr. Everett I went to Medical School with? Looking to connect with more of our classmates.

  3. This was my physician for many years while residing in Chicago. He was awesome and had superb bedside manner. Continue to enjoy retirement Dr. White.

  4. Dr White enjoy your retirement, because of your consistency about my having a mammogram at
    an early age I an Cancer free going on 23 years, God is good and I deeply
    appreciate you for being such a caring person may God continue to bless
    and keep you, may no hurt, harm or danger comes to you
    Although we relocated to Wisconsin some years ago I have yet
    to find a doctor as caring and Qualified as yourself
    Sincerely Yours
    Sandra Hutcherson Dorsey….

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