Ken Williams-Bennett, Obama Administration


Regional Representative for the U.S. Secretary of Labor

Ken Bennett is the Regional Representative for the U.S. Secretary of Labor. He is responsible for the Great Lake States of the Midwest. Mr. Bennett served as Deputy Assistant to President Barack Obama and Deputy Director of Presidential Personnel. He also served as Illinois State Director to then U.S. Senator Barack Obama and as State Director for the Obama for America presidential campaign.

Prior to his service with the U.S. Senate, Ken began his career as an aide in the office of the late Chicago Mayor Harold Washington, learning first hand the intrinsic complexities of local government. During his 20 year tenure with the City of Chicago, Ken also held major positions in city and statewide campaigns in Illinois. They include Director of Field Operations for Attorney General Lisa Madigan and Chicago Regional Director for the Democratic Party of Illinois.

A former member of the L.E.A.P. for Excellence foundation, Ken Bennett is a champion of the idea of community, fostering its youth through civil activities. Ken resides in Chicago with his wife Lisa and two sons Chancelor and Taylor.

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  1. His son, Chancelor Bennet, is now up and coming Hip-Hop artist Chance The Rapper who is working to bring peace to Chicago

    • His other son Taylor Bennett just got arrested for beating a innocent drunk kid that stepped on Taylor’s shoes

      • That is only one side of the story you are telling. Maybe the person who stepped on his shoes also said some hurtful remarks. News articles only tell the side of the story that is funneled through news outlets. Everyone is biased; defending people who are similar to themselves and attacking those who are different. There are always two sides to a story and I firmly believe in defending those who are different to myself. We all live on the same planet, why are we all fighting????? Its in the past, someone who messes up is not always going to make the same mistakes again. Especially if he got arrested and knows not to fight over disputes anymore. Everyone throws a punch sometimes. It is either through a fist, or through words. I prefer the latter. Climb it. Also, add your name to your comment. Transparency is key in having public debates.

        • I don’t know the true context. I’m a fan of Chance the Rapper so I replied without seeing there was a video and it was more than a punch. Taylor should not have done that and I feel sympathy for both parties

    • I would like to know how to get in touch with Chance The Rapper who is working to bring peace to Chicago. As a businessman and musically endowed, I would like to share with him I song I wrote about the City of Chicago and how it can used in businesses, city events, recreationally and in community. I would really like the official opinion of someone like Chance, being a fellow Chicagoan and knowing the city; I would really like to know what he thinks about my ideas for my song, titled, In Chicago, The Song. I really would like to anticipate a response back from Mr. Chancelor Bennett a.k.a “Chance the Rapper.” Below is the link to my song on YouTube. I hope you will enjoy it and get back to me…Thank you, Vanessa King

  2. […] questioning how Bennett and the FDOTUS crossed paths, Taylor’s father Ken Williams-Bennett has labored really closely with President Obama for lots of yrs. Williams-Bennett is at present a Regional […]

  3. A truly small world,I had a feeling as we talked yesterday, that you were some one I should know. The email list provided would not let me sign on, but my e-mail is respond.

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