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Mark Wallace grew up in the small town in Miami Florida, (Richmond Heights). The only town in Miami that was constructed for Black Military Veterans. Marks father served in the Navy and worked for several companies as a laborer until he landed a full time job with Avis Car Rental and Streets and Sanitation where he retired working two full time jobs for more than 30 years. The two most significant people in Mark’s life is his Mother Salome Wallace and his Aunt Margaret L. Cruz who recently passed away in November on her 84th Birthday, who taught him about the importance of having Consciousness, Character and Courage.

He studied and was educated at November University and Nova Law School of Davie Florida. He is a self employed Real Estate Developer and Private Lender to small real estate developers.

Marks is a tireless advocate for constitutional Justice and Economic Equity for every human being. He developed the mortgage restructuring and modification workshop for Rainbow Push, volunteered as a bible class instructor for a woman’s shelter (New Life for Girls), as well was the director of Christian education at his church from 2000-2003. He is Host of The People’s show on WVON 1690am and Co-Host of The Borges Report with Attorney Ernesto Borges, who actually gave him his start in talk radio. He is The Executive Director of The Citizens To Abolish Red Light Cameras.

Contact Information:
Host: The People’s Show/Saturday 11a-12p 773-247-6200

Citizens to Abolish Red Light Cameras

Quite simply, we’re a group of Illinois citizens with the goal to abolish red-light cameras in Illinois. The group is comprised of volunteers making a committed effort to see the removal of the red-light cameras. The group’s name is Chicago Coalition For Change. There are no “membership” requirements. Anyone interested in abolishing red-light cameras in Illinois with a desire to contribute constructively is invited to join our cause!


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  1. Hello Mark:

    I listen to you most evenings. I haven’t joined 10×10 yet. However, I agree with everything you are attempting to do. I have been especially displeased with Alderman Brookins. (I live in the 21st Ward.) During the last election I did my part to oust him, but voter apathy can be an affliction as it was during our last election. The candidate that I backed now has health problems.

  2. Hello Mark,
    I listen to you and Attorney Borges every Sunday morning on my way to church services. I thoroughly enjoy your program and the differing views that you and Ernesto sometimes have. It is so encouraging for you to demonstrate that intelligent people can have opposite opinions, discuss them and remain cordial and respectful. Keep up the great work you do for our community! I too give of my time and when time is not an option, I give of my means. Every bit helps.

  3. Love your show, wish you had more air time

  4. My prayer for you is that you would be filled with the holy spirit and the anointing. That you would be led into All truth. That God would use the gifts He bestowed upon you for His true kingdom purposes.

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