Charles H. Thomas, Chief Political Reporter ABC 7 News


Mr. Charles H. Thomas
Chief Political Reporter
ABC 7 News

Charles Thomas joined ABC 7 News in September of 1991 as a General Assignment reporter after working for several years as a Midwest Correspondent for ABC News in the Chicago and St. Louis Bureaus. He has worked as a professional journalist since 1973 when he graduated from the University of Missouri School of Journalism.

“While working at the network, I traveled throughout the region, to all fifty states and to five of the seven continents”, says Thomas. “Chicago was always the most exciting and intriguing city for me personally and professionally. So when ABC 7 offered a position on its staff covering Chicago on a daily basis, it was a dream come true. It also helped that I wouldn’t have to fly on so many airplanes”, he added.

Still, Thomas remains one of ABC 7’s most well-traveled reporters, adding a “Chicago perspective” to many stories of national interest. He has corresponded for Channel 7 from both O.J. Simpson trials, the Oklahoma City bombing, the Rodney King trials and civil disorder, major airline crashes, natural disasters, the Chicago White Sox 2005 World Series Championship and many other assignments. He has reported from Europe and Asia for ABC 7 and in 2006, accompanied U.S. Senator Barack Obama to Africa.


Charles and his wife Maria are the parents of two adult sons and one adult daughter. They also are blessed with twin grandsons and a granddaughter. The couple resides in downtown Chicago.

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  1. Dear Charles H. Thompson

    My name is Cassandra Carey I lived in Gary indiana. I would like to speak with someone that has to fight everyday of their life for freedom just because of who they are.

  2. My name is Anthony Middleton from the Southside of Chicago. How can you trust a guy that doesn’t support women’s rights. Who is lining your pockets

  3. Charles, Would you go to a heart surgeon because he is a nice guy or do you want a doctor who is skilled in his job? Bailey is unskilled in everything except farming and that is what he should stick too. Everyone is fit for certain occupations and running government is not Bailey’s forte. He only became a Senator because no one in his district wanted to do it. . Bailey lacks the intuitiveness and intelligence required to be a governor. If Bailey had to deal with the nightmare Rauner had left our government in, Bailey would have a heart attack. He is unfit and you should not endorse candidates based on what political party they represent. JB is the first governor in 22 years who has balanced the budget and has paid past due bills. IT takes a lot more than being a nice guy to running a government. Tell Bailey to get a higher education in finance, business and government. He really needs it!

  4. When the richest men in Illinois are donating ten’s of millions of dollars to oust the governor, then you know you have a great governor. Spoiled billionaires think that taxes are for the poor and middle class. Bailey either lied at the debate or lied to God when he posted his public prayer. He’s just a fertilizer spreader from down state. We don’t need a manure spreader in Illinois government. And remember when he sued the state over the mask mandate? What a snowflake who can’t breathe through a paper mask. Only cares about himself and the billionaires throwing millions at him.

  5. I used to have the highest respect for you Mr. Thomas. I can’t say I do now. I see these political commercials and think, “Oh boy.” What do you see that we don’t? Your arguments don’t hold up. He’s a farmer, so elect him?

  6. How ridiculously uninformed people are about farming and the incredible and varied skills required. Do they still see farmers in bins and a straw hat holding a pitch fork. Bailey as a “farmer” runs a multi million dollar business

  7. I could care less about him being a farmer, my concerns are that his opinions completely out of touch with the what’s good and fair. As for you being a African American that should know better and your support for this sad individual makes me question your integrity or lack thereof. this guy complain about taxes, yet the previous administration was a train wreck just like the rest of the Republican administrations around this country. Either you have lost your mind or have gone to the highest bidder. I’m ashamed of you and more ashamed that you are of color. I pity your morally bankrupt soul.

  8. I can understand how you feel about the current administration Mr. Thomas. I feel like I as a Woman of color have been let completely down because of DCFS. AS a former small business owner and Foster parent I am at a cross road of what to do and who to vote for on one hand I supported a Governor who basically lied to not only to my face but to the low income wage earners who at the same time he has turned a blind eye to the Foster care system and has allowed the employees of the Harvey office to threaten, falsify documents, bill the State of Illinois for an excessive amount of overtime and interfere with interstate adoptions and flat out LIE which may have caused a child her Life. A child who have constantly identified her abusers and sent her back to Iowa in which a Supervisor, a investigator and really the entire office knows was completely wrong as well as DCFS Legal and DCFS Advocacy office. They have a 75% rate of removing children that should not be moved from their families and it’s completely insane that Kim Foxx has a 75% approval rate. I am lost right now because I don’t know if she is dead or alive, I was forced to close my business that I operated for 31 years in good standing and refused my constitutional rights to have a fair hearing for months because she was allowed to abuse her power and because DCFS employees have immunity she and any other DCFS worker who is challenged by parents like me can ruin families lives and neither not ever to see their children again and never receiving any justice. Now, who do I vote for????

  9. Sorry Charles, Darren’s view on abortion and Gay rights just don’t cut it for me. He’s not making any fans with Gays and women who want control of their bodies. Your tv ad is embarrassing. Whoever wrote it is a real amateur.

  10. What a way to tarnish a distinguished career as a
    political reporter. I cringe everyone I see that add
    By the way, many people knows “how to grow food”

  11. The only reason Illinois’ fiscal situation has “improved” is because of the temporary deluge of Covid cash poured into the state from the federal government. As soon as that ends, Illinois is right back in the same place it has been for the past couple decades: High taxes, poor services, lousy roads, terrible schools, one of the most expensive “state” universities for in-state students to attend, and endless unpaid bills and underfunded pensions. JB Pritzker has done nothing in his entire life except go to college and cash dividend checks. He is uniquely delusional in thinking he is fit to run anything. Thank you Mr. Thomas for pointing out what a disaster for Illinois Pritzker has been. How bad do things have to get before Illinois voters wake up? The current fiscal path is unsustainable. It will require decades of surpluses to fix. Not to mention Pritzker’s imbecilic school mask policy, and heavyhanded IHSA sports canceling.

  12. Hi Charles. I know how to grow food. But I’m not a guy. (Nice is debatable.) Can I be a governor?

  13. The commercial that makes me laugh the most is “Pritzker was born on 3rd base, and thinks he hit a triple. What has he done?” Charles Thomas is obviously now very astute about Illinois business.
    Have you ever heard of 1871 – who do you think was the big funder of this? How many startups or young companies, the main source of job creation here, has the Pritzker Fund funded? You can’t talk about Chicago’s place in the tech world without Pritzker being behind it. He’s not just sitting on old money.

  14. 3rd sentence above should read “Charles Thomas obviously NOT very astute about Illinois business.

  15. Charles, you actually support a canidate who still supports Trump? That alone says all we need to know. Trump is a TRAITOR and his history will remember his as such.

  16. Dear Charles Thomas:

    I used to respect you when you were a Political Reporter for ABC-7 (WLS) Chicago. But no more!!!

    When I watched the latest campaign ad about how “Blacks should not vote for Pritzker”; those words hit the blade (not the fan) with me. As an African-American woman, I am beyond appalled by the fact that you are telling blacks not to vote for Pritzker. Guess what? You shouldn’t tell people who they should vote for. It’s difficult enough when my ancestors fought, gotten hosed down, attacked by dogs, arrested and died for the right to vote (Before and during the Civil Rights Movement).

    By putting Darren Bailey in the Governor’s Office would wreak havoc on the State of Illinois. He doesn’t care about the unions. He doesn’t care if a woman is pregnant and looking to have an abortion; due to rape, incest or the risks of a mother’s health. All Darren Bailey is a Trump supporter and wannabe (didn’t we have enough of Trump’s hateful rhetoric, already?).

    The last Republican Governor that did something right (in my opinion) was the late James R. Thompson. Bruce Rauner didn’t give a rat’s behind about the state; especially the ones who are in a union when he was governor. At least, Governor Pritzker cares what is going on with the state. Darren Bailey wanted to show up and show out by making a fool of himself; by moving into the former John Hancock Building so he can meet with the black people. Bailey should have moved into the following communites:

    -East and West Garfield Park
    -North and South Lawndale
    If I missed a community, I apologize.

    Mr. Thomas, you can vote for your country, Trump-loving buddy Darren Bailey for Governor. You don’t speak or decide for the rest of us black people; especially me!!!

  17. I’m missing something. Darren is a farmer so he must be qualified. Give me a break. You cannot be serious so you must have been bought OR you’ve lost control of your senses. You’ve made a joke of yourself.

  18. You are a bun

  19. You are a bum that’s you were fired what have you done for Chicago or the state nothing.

  20. Charles thomas, how do you, as a black man, stand and support a racist who wants to strengthen law enforcement with white male only officers as reflected in Bailey’s commercials. You have no moral nor ethical scruples and need not display your idiotic support for this iunqualified idiot. How much were you paid to show support for this idiot?!?!?!

  21. I find you are “insulting” do you need money that bad, that you would sell out your people (BLACKS) by insulting them with Trump. SHAME ON YOU!!

  22. I am in utter disbelief how Bailey has paid Charles Thomas and those 2 black women on tv talking about Pritzker. I know you were paid just like those 2 women who don’t even live in this State. You are a pitiful excuse for a black man. Ass kisser is what you are and a sell out. How much money did you make for selling out your own people

  23. STOP TELLING BLACK PEOPLE WHO TO VOTE FOR!!! We are not a monolithic people!!! I also echo the sentiment of many in saying: He is a farmer therefore he is qualified to manage a state as complex as Illinois. . . “ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND!!!” You come off in those commercials as highly unintelligent, just like the person you are supporting!!! Baily is a misogynist and racist, and the fact that he supports and embraces the doctrine of a treasonous former President who is also a misogynist and racist, makes you a very poor judge of character and lacking morale. . .some may say UNCLE TOM!!!

  24. Mr. Thomas how dare you use cannabis against Pritzker as if “Blacks” only care about drugs. I am a cannabis user but to use that in a campaign for governor was an insult. Why not talk about income, food or gas prices but u chose a recreational subject as if that is the only thing that are of concern to Black people. How dare you !!

  25. For $50,000 I will endorse Charles Thomas as a knowledgeable business reporter………..but then again, maybe not.

  26. Charles is full of shit in his ads for Bailey. 1st he takes 50k from Bailey backers then he spouts trump and GOP bullshit. 2nd he claims there are no dispensaries owned by african americans. Hey dumbass how about earth med. Quit interjecting your lies you got paid for into the election campaigns. Just another paid liar of the maga people.

  27. What is wrong with you, are you a maga

  28. Sold out his own people and his soul for a mere $50K. What else would you sell for that little, sir?

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