Mr. Ronnie Mosley, Community Engagement Consultant, APS& Associates


A seasoned organizer, Ronnie Mosley has created wins on local and national levels for issues like Gun Violence Prevention, Education Reform, Youth Health, Voting Rights and Entrepreneurship. Over ten years of professional experiences ranging from community outreach to intergovernmental affairs, he has proven his abilities to navigate through challenges and build an infrastructure effectively towards an organization’s goals.

His accomplishments include:

  • Coordinated successful campaigns that blocked harmful state legislation, won workers’ rights, elected a Mayor, State Legislators, Governor, U.S. President and influenced the confirmation of a U.S. Surgeon General nomination;
  • Founded a national network of organizers that works to prevent gun violence and reform the U.S. criminal justice system;
  • Organized events on behalf of the White House under the Obama Administration, and its cabinet departments;
  • Interviewed sitting U.S. Senators and Congressman on national platforms;
  • Written editorials on social issues for national blogs and local newspapers;
  • Featured on media outlets like CNN, NPR, Al Jazeera and DBC.

In 2017, Ronnie co-founded Homegrown Strategy Group, a policy and organizing firm that believes in the power of community and in the idea that achievement comes through collective effort. It is there that he serves as Founding Partner and have managed clients that ranged from the JB Pritzker for Governor Campaign to the Obama Foundation.

Ronnie was elected to the Local School Council of Simeon Career Academy and John W. Cook Elementary. He also serves on the board of Mikva Challenge.

A native of the Southside of Chicago, IL, Ronnie completed his studies at Simeon Career Academy and Morehouse College (Atlanta, GA). He resides with his wife in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Chicago and is a proud son and brother.


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