Pastor Michael Robinson, Pro-Vision Project


Robinson graduated from Arna Bontemps Elementary School in 1980.  He attended Lindblom High School from 1980-1984 and graduated high school from the William Dawson Skill Center in 1985. He received an associate degree in

Biology from Kennedy King Collage in 1995.  On May 7, 1985, Michael Robinson enlisted in the United States Marines.  He was deployed in Operation Storm and Desert Shield from 1990-1991 on the Nuclear Biological & Chemical Warfare Team designed decontamination sites.  He was honorably discharged in October 1991.

In October 1997, Rev. Robinson was ordained a minister.  He founded the Promised Land Missionary Baptist Church on March 29, 2005. Pastor Robinson has been employed with the United States Postal Service from 1992 to present. In August 2013, he organized the Pro-Vision Project mentoring program, which focuses on meeting the needs of at risk youth. Currently, the Pro-Vision Project serves four youth detention centers and an aftercare facility.  Rev. Robinson also serves as the Assistant Chairman of the Pastoral Sub-Committee of the 5th District CAPS.

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