Pemon Rami, Mr. Pemon Rami, Educational Director Services and Public Programs


Rami 2Mr. Pemon Rami,
Director Educational Services and Public
Programs – DuSable Museum of African
American History

Mr. Pemon Rami was a major contributor to the Black Student Movement of the mid-60s and leader of the 1969 boycotts of the Chicago Public School leading a walk-out of 35,000 students.

Since the late 1960’s, Pemon Rami has been involved in the development of television production, films, music concerts, documentaries, plays and multimedia and a leading figure of the Black Arts Movement of the 60’s and 70’s.

The first African American film casting director in Chicago and consultant to the Illinois Film Office, Rami provided talent for the classic feature films and television movies; “Blues Brothers”, Mahogany”, “Cooley High”, “The Spook Who Sat By The Door”, “One In A Million”, “Dummy” “Welcome to Success” and “Torn between Two Lovers”. Rami produced the feature film “Of Boys and Men” released by Warner Brothers Home video starring Angela Bassett, Robert Townsend and Victoria Rowell.

Pemon was a member of the distinguished “Table of Brotherhood Tour”, sponsored by Chevrolet and the GM Foundation in preparation of the unveiling of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial in Washington D.C. Mr. Rami served as a 2012/2013 Illinois Humanities Council Road Scholar and was recently selected one of the Chicago Defender Newspapers 50 men of excellence!

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  1. My Name is Ruth Conwell, President of Theta Rho Chapter of Alpha Pi Chi National Sorority.
    Mr. Rami spoke for us two years ago on Black History during February during his tenure at DuSable Museum. He was very informative and motivational. Is it possible to have him come to one of our meeting again? We meet at The Baymont Hotel, 12801 S. Cicero Ave., Alsip, IL.

    We are a chapter of ten members and wish to have him come to speak on Black History as we acknowledge
    Black History Month.

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